Album Reviews

“In This Town You’re Owned” has been getting a great reception across the globe. Take a look below at some of the reviews……

It’s steeped in influences that may or may not have played a direct role in his development. I taste an ounce of John Prine in “This Town,” — actually about Liverpool but doesn’t have to be.

American Highways

Vincent is a deep thinker and sensitive wordsmith.

American Music Show

Vincent deals in hard truths and easy melodies, furthering the tradition of classically crafted songwriting that asks the difficult questions about everyday emotions.

American Songwriter

A keen witness to the complexities of the human condition—as all astute songwriters must be—Vincent’s observations, honest and pointed, plainly-versed and heart-fully sung, resonate.

Fervor Coulee

The Liverpool-raised songwriter has a knack for distilling big-picture questions down to everyday moments with conversational language and ingratiating melodies.

Pasadena Weekly

Robert quickly finds his way to your musical heart with his soulful vocals.

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