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The list of shows ahead is still growing, which is always a good thing to see. A few of the bigger dates just announced include Country2Country festival and Palmfest 2013; both of which have a really good range of artists playing (from LeAnn Rimes to Peter Buntnell, who I’m also playing with tomorrow night).

We have a pretty good spread of dates lined up, so you should be able to catch me live somewhere near where you live. If I’m not coming anywhere near you – then let me know! As always, click the Live tab for the most up to date set of gigs.

Life In Easy Steps – the album is out today!

This is a big day for me, as my debut album is finally released. The last 18 months have been great. Getting out and playing around the country to lots of new people, and happily people seem to be liking it. I sincerely hope you do. Thank you.

You can grab copy of the double CD & 25 page book edition or the download version (with bonus tracks) below or click on the STORE page.

The Robert Vincent store (signed)

Recordstore (signed)



New Live Dates

As 2013 progresses, more live dates are being lined up. The latest shows to be announced are three spring dates with Marcella Detroit (details on the poster).

Threshold Festival have also announced a few more of the acts I will be playing alongside, which include Natalie McCool, Kusanagi & Phonetics, Dave O’Grady and Jazzhands. More info for that one on their site here.

Don’t forget I’m also playing a stack of other dates (starting this weekend), which you can see on the Shows page here.

Life In Easy Steps (Album pre-order available now)

This has been a long time coming, but here it finally is. My debut album ‘Life In Easy Steps’ is now pressed up and (very nearly) ready to go. You can pre order it from the following sites:

The Robert Vincent store (signed)

Recordstore (signed)



The design experts at Modo have been working hard to create the final part of this vision – and have done a great job with the artwork (as you can see below).




‘Holy’ is simply about the times when we all of us reach out for something bigger.  That entity, whatever it may be for us…something more holy.  It questions our inherent belief in a higher force that isn’t necessarily ‘God’.   We all, at times, question why, if there was a higher being, he would allow things out of our control to happen. And the biggest question, were we better people when we had something to believe in?  “Don’t shade me now…..from the light that’s shining down.  It keeps my darkness at bay…keeping me holy”


My Pill (Broken Version)

My Pill is a hard song to explain, only because everyone has their take on it. It’s about knowing you want something but also knowing it could be the ruination of you, like the line “You were my Pill, you were my enemy”. It could be an addiction, to drink, drugs, gambling…it could be falling in love with someone you know is not good for you. It’s about things that make you feel good but are not  necessarily good for you and letting them go is hard. The last chorus has the line. “You are a silent look, you are a confidence still left in me”. Sometimes we don’t have to say anything about a situation, but we can take a lot from it.

November in April

‘November’ is one of those tracks that is just purely from imagination, not at all being based on any personal experiences.  It leans heavily on my love of old Western soundtracks, especially Ennio Morricone  “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.  Once I had the opening chords and feel for the song, I started to imagine a sequence of events around the murder of a women by her husband who then pins the blame onto a friend who the husband believes is in love with his wife.  Being the first man on the scene and having no other defence other than to run.  The accused has to return having the weight of the death on his mind and to clear his name.  He remembers the dying words of the wife and sends a message to the courtroom, urging them to search the house.  And in relaying the information that the wife had provided, of other bodies and their location, “The cellar box room”, the mans name is rightfully cleared.
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The new album is available for pre-order

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