New Live Dates

As 2013 progresses, more live dates are being lined up. The latest shows to be announced are three spring dates with Marcella Detroit (details on the poster). Threshold Festival have also announced a few more of the acts I will be playing alongside, which include Natalie McCool, Kusanagi & Phonetics, Dave O’Grady and Jazzhands. More … Read more


‘Holy’ is simply about the times when we all of us reach out for something bigger.  That entity, whatever it may be for us…something more holy.  It questions our inherent belief in a higher force that isn’t necessarily ‘God’.   We all, at times, question why, if there was a higher being, he would allow … Read more

November in April

‘November’ is one of those tracks that is just purely from imagination, not at all being based on any personal experiences.  It leans heavily on my love of old Western soundtracks, especially Ennio Morricone  “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”.  Once I had the opening chords and feel for the song, I started to imagine a sequence of events around the murder … Read more

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The new album is available for pre-order

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