We Need You!

I need your help for my latest video! We are looking to to track down as many other Robert Vincents (anyone called Robert Vincent from around the world) as possible to feature in the music video for The Bomb. If you are Robert Vincent, or you know someone who is, then please get in contact on Facebook, Twitter or email.

The song is about a metaphorical Bomb that went off when a former band was destroyed by a combination of naivety, greed and foolishness from both within and outside of the band. The guilt that I felt through feeling it was my fault and at the time not having the energy to fix it is like the lyric “I lacked the passion that it took to hold you”. I felt as if I had “Failed” to keep the band together and I was also being blamed for it’s demise. So I took myself away I recorded new songs. One of which is this “The Bomb”.

Please spread the word on this! You can see a few more of my previous videos below.

My Pill (Broken Version)

My Pill is a hard song to explain, only because everyone has their take on it. It’s about knowing you want something but also knowing it could be the ruination of you, like the line “You were my Pill, you were my enemy”. It could be an addiction, to drink, drugs, gambling…it could be falling in love with someone you know is not good for you. It’s about things that make you feel good but are not  necessarily good for you and letting them go is hard. The last chorus has the line. “You are a silent look, you are a confidence still left in me”. Sometimes we don’t have to say anything about a situation, but we can take a lot from it.

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