I’ll Make The Most Of My Sins – Pre-Orders & Formal Release!

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Hi everyone, just a quick note to keep you updated on my album release.

The ‘soft-release’ remains the 27th January – if you have pre-ordered you will receive your copy on or before this date. I’ll also have the record available at my shows from that date onward. Follow the link below if you’d still like to pre-order.

The ‘official’ release in the shops is Friday 3rd February – so if you want to grab it from your local record store, HMV, Amazon, Spotify or your shop of choice then 3rd Feb is the day! (A slight change to our original plan)

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in the record. I’m very excited to finally share it with you all.

Seasons Greetings


Hello everyone

It has been a great year, eventful, fun and tiring. It has seen me travel to Europe and to most parts of the country, and play with an array of different performers in a lot of different situations and venues. But I have to say the highlight for me was definitely meeting all of you who came to shows, whether they were Justin Currie, Paul Carrack shows or a house show in your living room or back garden.

So thank you all for the support and really lovely to meet you all.

I continue to receive lovely messages from you who have kindly bought the album or seen me at shows throughout the year letting me know how you have enjoyed the album or a certain performance and it keeps me smiling.

So until next year take care and have a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

From all in the Vincent clan.

Last Week of Voting

It’s the final week of voting for the Liverpool Music Awards and I really have been overwhelmed by the support you have given me so far. So firstly, thank you so much for this.

The final day of voting is the 2nd November so we still have time to make a difference and get the word out to new people. Anyone you tell, text, tweet, Facebook message, email helps me out so much. Please continue to spread the word and the drinks are on me* if we do this.


As a reward I’m going to be sending out a new track to everyone soon. To make sure you get it, sign up for my newsletter (On the right hand site of this post). I’m also going to be recording an exclusive online show for everyone who voted & supported me in this cause- with a couple of special shout outs to people who have helped share my new badge (see HERE). To do so click HERE for the Facebook post or HERE for the Twitter update and share/retweet to help out.





“Demons” is a track that explores the light and the dark that exist between our fears.  How sometimes fear is a great motivator.  Silence or loneliness can sometimes push you into situations you never would usually have entered into, therefore learning something you wouldn’t have learnt.  Making connections you wouldn’t have made.  Sometimes the darkness we all face can make us revisit our purpose in life.  We all have different demons at times, knowing we have to face them.  Finding your way out of the dark can only lead the light and good.  And once learnt can be great tool in life.


Pre-Order the new album


The new album is available for pre-order

Click the button below to open the pre-order site in a new tab