Robert Vincent – ‘Brain Damage/Eclipse’

I chose these two linking Pink Floyd album tracks that end the album “Dark Side of the Moon” essentially for their lyrical content. They remind us of easier days, childhood days. “Remembering games of daisy chains and laughs” and slightly un-easier days. “You raise the blade. You make the change. You rearrange me till I’m sane”, hinting at the machine and the system that ends up controlling all of us in one way or another that Roger Waters went on to write about many times in later albums such as “Wish You Were Here” and “Animals”. It is primarily Roger Waters lyrical input that has always attracted me to the songs but also the sublime counter melodies of David Gilmour’s guitars. As the song ends, the words of “Eclipse” remind us of how every action we make is judged by whatever we wish to be judged by with the lyric, “All that is now and all that is gone and all that’s to come and everything under, the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon”. It gives us the sense of the enormity we face to make our own stamp on the world in one way or another. “How little we are”, and It makes me want to listen again and again.

It was songs that Pink Floyd wrote that set me on my path to break down and understand lyrics and their meanings. And in that, enabling me to question my own feelings and assemble them in a way, I hope, gives the listener their own food for thought.

“You Wouldn’t Let It” Video

“You Wouldn’t Let Is” is a song about desperately trying to save someone from a situation you know will eventually devour them, no matter how much you try to save them. One minute you are “floating along in a careless world” to eventually feeling you let someone down, even though it wasn’t your problem or your fight. “I left you in the dark, I knew you’d never leave”. Then only to be left with the guilt – could you have done more? Even though you tried!!! Lyrically I always try to leave the end of the song with some hope, and maybe a slightly more comforting feeling with the hopeful thought that maybe they knew you did what you could. “You wouldn’t let it, even though I know you tried”. Sometimes we could all do with that comforting feeling.


Hi and welcome to my new site.

I’ve been working pretty hard on getting all of this ready to go for the last few months and so finally here it is. To the many of you who have already been sharing and viewing the new videos of “Light of the Stars” and “Blue” on YouTube recently, thank you. I’m really happy that you like them so much.

The main reason I have waited to launch the site was to introduce my first solo EP, “The Bomb”. There’s a video of the title track shot whilst I was in the studio recording already on there and more will follow soon, so be sure to check in often for updates. I also have the EP available to download from my brand new online shop and new pics, gig listings, free downloads and up to date info on what will be in store for the year ahead.

I hope you enjoy and welcome again.

Robert Vincent.

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