My Pill (Broken Version)

My Pill is a hard song to explain, only because everyone has their take on it. It’s about knowing you want something but also knowing it could be the ruination of you, like the line “You were my Pill, you were my enemy”. It could be an addiction, to drink, drugs, gambling…it could be falling […]

Come Together

The Beatles are one of my all time biggest influences along with Pink Floyd.  I love this song simply for the ferocity of John Lennon’s vocal and Lyrics.  The lyrics may be ambiguous to say the least, but it was generally seen as being a protest song.  I don’t feel that from it.  It is, […]


“Demons” is a track that explores the light and the dark that exist between our fears.  How sometimes fear is a great motivator.  Silence or loneliness can sometimes push you into situations you never would usually have entered into, therefore learning something you wouldn’t have learnt.  Making connections you wouldn’t have made.  Sometimes the darkness […]

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