New Freeep!


The more eagle eyed among you will have noticed we have a new free EP available from this site and Facebook.  It’s cunningly called “Freeep” and consists of 3 tracks.  Two of the tracks are brand new (“Life In Easy Steps” and “Burns Like Cotton In The Fields”, both performed acoustically), while “Denial (Acoustic)” is taken from Rob’s first release, “The Bomb EP”.

The free EP is available through just putting your email address in the white box to the right of this here post and hitting SUBSCRIBE.  Or you can get it here from Facebook.  You can also stream and download via Rob’s Soundcloud here.
You can still buy “The Bomb” EP from the official store here, as well as iTunes and all the usual places.  We’re the only people selling the CD online – your only other way to get one is to see Rob live!
In the meantime, enjoy the new free download!
Pre-Order the new album


The new album is available for pre-order

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